Digital Learning - Christmas reading list

Dec 13 2016

Merry Christmas to all of our customers, suppliers and friends.

Since I can't send presents to you all, I thought I'd put together a bit of a Christmas reading list to keep you all amused when the family gets too much :)

These are the articles, videos and websites I find I keep coming back to for a smile or just to be inspired by what people can do. (Yes, there's a tad of a science theme but I'm a geek at heart; hang in there or just give them a skip.)

I trust you'll all have a great Christmas, and get to enjoy some downtime with family and friends. Hug those that are precious to you.


Greg Claus

  1. Mamahope - Men Don't Play Netball
    Just inspiring how much joy a netball can bring
  2. The Backwards Bike - SmarterEveryDay
    A good clip about how the brain learns things
  3. Where does the sun get its energy? - Veritasium
    I love the way this guy teaches stuff
  4. This will revolutionise education - Veritasium
    Makes me think about what we do at Canopi
  5. A Rape in Cyberspace - Julian Dibbell
    A slightly tough read but an amazing piece of writing about the nature of cyberspace.
    Again, makes me think.
  6. Code v2 (buy the book or download the pdf)
    A giant of all things cyber, Lawrence Lessig updates 1999's outstanding Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace 
  7. Golden Cubes - Sixty Symbols
    I still can't believe people can dream up this stuff
  8. Jack Vidgen - Australia's got talent (Don't hate me)
    An oldie now, but wow, can this kid sing
  9. A tour of our work - Canopi Blog
    Just in case you haven't seen our best :)
  10. Susan Boyle - Britain's Got Talent
    I love being surprised, and I love this song
  11. The Diamond Age - Neal Stephensen (Book and eBook)
    If you've never tried science fiction then give this a go
  12. Eon - Greg Bear  (Book and eBook)
    Yes, another offering from the sci-fi section of the bookstore. Just blows me away that people can dream this up.
    Keep in mind that this was written long before the iPad.