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Australian Sports Commission
goes strategic!

A whole of industry eLearning solution
using a sub-portal model.

"Canopi has provided the Australian Sports sector with a strategic, affordable eLearning capability." - Australian Sports Commission

With key stakeholders such as National Sporting Organisations ruled out of building or buying their own LMS, the ASC wanted a central approach where users and courses could be shared across portals.


A central eLearning hub was created using the Janison CLS. Sports could have their own front doors, and share courses and users across each portal.


The ASC's eLearning suite now averages an incredibly low delivery cost, especially when compared to face-to-face learning, and has increased access to training for marginalised learners. The ASC's courses have reached over 600,000 learners and Canopi is working with the ASC to build on that foundation and reach many more.

Thanks to the sub-portal model, National Sporting Organisations now have a low risk, low cost way of creating and publishing their own content.

Netball Australia moves one step closer
to full online accreditation management.

"Moving to a Single Sign-On (SSO) system between our membership database and online learning platform has benefited our administrators, learners and the sport as a whole. With our new centralised record of members’ activities, Netball Australia enjoys a reduced cost of system ownership as well as reduced time and cost of managing training and accreditations." - Lainie Houston - Netball Australia

Netball Australia had multiple systems to manage the requirements of accreditation of members. This needed streamlining.


All of Netball’s underpinning academic records for accreditation were moved onto one platform. Canopi extended the LMS to manage the different learning assets involved in accreditation and imported over 170,000 records from different systems into the LMS.


Netball Australia now has one centralised repository of all member learning that can lead to accreditation. This has brought about operational savings and efficiencies and created a consistent user experience across all states and territories.

Royal Life Saving
Society Australia -
More people learning
more lifesaving skills.

"Canopi are very easy to engage, always on task and always available. They are passionate about our brand and what we try to achieve as a humanitarian organisation. It's a very loyal relationship." - Michael Ilinsky - RLSSA

To stay competitive, RLSSA needed to offer alternatives to the traditional face-to-face delivery of First Aid training; an increasing number of people are finding it problematic to carve that amount of time out of the home, classroom or workplace.


With Canopi, RLSSA designed a suite of online First Aid courses, some of which ship with a fully functional personal manikin for CPR practise.

Canopi then helped design a 2 hour assessment workshop to test all of the skills learnt in the online course.

"We had challenges"

"It's been a huge cultural change for our staff and for the organisation. We're going from the very traditional face-to-face learning style to now saying to our clients that a training officer won't come out to their school anymore, it's all done in the classroom. We've had to manage the process very carefully. We've had to rely on the expertise of Canopi to assist us in that transition and even in some cases to explain it to our government partners.

The relationship has gone beyond 'please give us a solution' to 'please help us with managing these other complicated issues with implementing new technology'. It scares a lot of people. The team at Canopi have been there to help us through the cultural and HR implications and to ensure the technology solutions will support our clients, first and foremost."
- Michael Ilinsky - RLSSA


RLSSA has attracted new customers and turned its suite of online courses into a multi-million dollar revenue stream with better margins than face-to-face only models.

Beyond this, more people with more lifesaving skills means safer communities and better health outcomes for injured people.

"Happy Clients"

"We're receiving very, very positive feedback. Our clients in the Education sector have been over-the-moon. For compliance, schoolteachers had to do a 4 hour CPR course every year. That's a big chunk of time when you have so many other priorities affecting the academic achievement of kids in schools. So, they came to us to provide them with a CPR online solution. Now they can complete the course in far less time and when they want.

We've not only made compliance easier to achieve, but the learning materials remain accessible. They can go back to reference the subject matter any time they want. The accreditation system is also built in. Human support is still available through our member on the teaching staff, through our Customer Officers, or from one of our partners who can provide a higher level of technical support."
- Michael Ilinsky - RLSSA

Athletics Australia
doin' it for themselves.

"After 2 days' training with Greg and some time exploring the system, we were able to load and deliver the entirety of our Level 1 Officiating online - 12 courses in all!" - Andrew Matthews - Athletics Australia

During 2013-14, Athletics Australia undertook the considerable project of aligning officiating pathways with their colleagues at Little Athletics. The cornerstone of this new officials education pathway was the delivery of entry level education online, for which they worked with the ASC and Canopi to bring to life. The constraint was the budget: Athletics could not employ an eLearning specialist, nor contract Canopi to develop all of the content.


"While initially a little daunting, we discovered that the Canopi system was user-friendly and you didn't have to be a computer programmer to set up courses. Yes, with additional investment, enhancements could be made, however, we found that in-house we could develop appropriate, relevant, engaging and interactive courses that would ultimately achieve the strategic aims of our Officiating program. The feedback on our courses has, so far, been great. While the guys at Canopi could, no doubt, have made them even better, we feel that the in-house option has ensured that we can achieve what we need so our officials are appropriately educated - within the budget and resource constraints that we faced."


"Greg, Katherine and their team were on hand when we needed advice or help and they showed a significant desire to ensure we could utilise the system to the best of our ability. With their assistance, we found even the most complicated learning tools could be achieved with some patience and perseverance. Ultimately, the system allows you to make your courses as simple or as advanced as you wish - even without significant eLearning experience or a background in computer programming."
- Andrew Matthews, Athletics Australia

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