Content Development

Whether you want to build your course yourself
or have Canopi do it for you, we have a range of solutions
to get you started.

Content Development

Whether you want to build your course yourself for have Canopi do it for you, we have a range of solutions to get you started.

Our preferred LMS can author and manage a range of Learning Asset types.

These assets give our clients the flexibility to design learning and assessment that
meet their current business practices.

No more compromising because of the limitations of your system.

Online Course

Our LMS has an internal content authoring tool that allows for rapid development and real time editing. No more going back to your vendor to get a hyperlink changed. Or, if you prefer, we can import and launch SCORM courses.
Whatever your online course model, we have a solution for you.


Much of our real world assessment involves diaries or workbooks used on the job to accumulate evidence of learning.
The LMS can work as a repository and submissions can be queued for marking.

Online Exams

Want access to one of the most advanced online test engines? Well, our LMS delivers superb exams. Be they timed exams, question banks, branched or assessor marked, our solution will do the job...and more.

On-the-job Assessments

In many cases our clients need to record the completion of tasks by learners in real job settings. The LMS allows for on-the-job assessments where an examiner can evaluate a learner's competencies.

Content is key but it’s a tough game.

You either go to your vendor and pay for their expertise, or you try
and do it yourself and become a jack of all trades.

Our business model is about giving you the best of both worlds,
and when you need us - we’ve got your back.


Contracted to Canopi - we build for you


Where courses are high stakes and/or high value, we often find that clients prefer to engage us for the design and build. If that’s you, then be assured that we do some of the best content around.

1, 2, 3

The higher the level, the greater the complexity. Level 3 generally has video, animations or low fidelity simulations.


Self-service - build your own

If you want to do some or all of the content development yourself then our system is amazing. You won't have to learn Java or become a super geek. We have an online development tool that's so simple-to-use that even Ringo, the company's Labrador, mastered it after a few tutorials.

We can teach you how to do it yourself, and when you need help from the experts then we’re right here.

Build your own

Yes, we’re super-fine with the client taking control.
If you want to build a course yourself we have all the tools and training in place for you.


If you'd like some help along the way then we’re here for you. Many of our clients buy chunks of mentoring time to bounce ideas, storyboards and jobs past us. You can even use mentoring time to get us to do a cool hotspot or slideshow. The choice is yours.


If learning all this online is not your style, then no worries! We can come to you, or hey, you could come to Coffs and hang out with us and learn from the best. Just ask Angelina from REINSW. She spent a week up here learning the craft and it was an issue getting her out at the end of the week.

Course evaluation

So, when you’ve got your first course built why not swing it by us for a review? Athletics Australia thinks this is the best money they ever spent. For under a grand they got a comprehensive review of their course with heaps of feedback and ideas. Even if you nail it first go, $1,000 to hear "Perfect!" is money well spent.

So, are we building or are you?

If you’d like to discuss Canopi content development

drop us an email or call us on +61 2 6654 4781