Begin the journey to building your own courses.


Create your first online course and test with our guided tutorials.

Getting Started is the launching pad for people wanting to build their own online courses. Guided tutorials take you through all the basic skills you'll need to become a developer in the Janison CLS. The result? Your first online course and test.

Topics include:

  • Building a simple course
  • Creating a simple exam
  • Basic administration
  • Basic HTML
  • Basic CSS

To commence Getting Started you will need access to a development environment. If you don't have one or don't know the details of your organisation's development environment, then get in touch with our support team at


Our Developer Resources include:

Free - Examples of all the content panel types

The system has a huge range of content panel types to facilitate learning. If you'd like to view the full suite of content panels for free then this is a great course that presents them all and how you'd use them.

Free - Examples of all the exam question types

The system has a very powerful exam engine and a big range of question types. Enrol in this free course if you'd like to see all of the exam question types in action.
Please note, some question types are only supported in the exam player and not the course player.


The Canopi blog has a range of articles that address some of the big picture concepts around eLearning. From naming conventions to platform selection, these articles are designed to make you think about how you go about your day.


Got a question about any aspect of developing online courses? Then jump onto the forum and post your question. Our growing community of developers will get back to you pronto.

Janison Help

The Janison help site is where you get the message straight from the horse's mouth. This resource covers all aspects of the system and is not just limited to course development.

Creating Effective

Canopi is renowned for creating eLearning courses that deliver real outcomes for clients.

Creating Effective eLearning is Canopi sharing our processes with you. Built on years of experience and tough stories, this course presents a systemic process to ensure your hard work delivers what your organisation expects and the job is fully documented.

Topics include:

  • Analysing the training requirement
  • Designing the solutions
  • Developing the resources
  • Deploying and launching your course
  • Evaluating the results
  • Validating the outcome

Creating Effective eLearning includes access to all of the Canopi templates that we use with our clients.



Sound familiar?

"Help me fix my accordion!"

"Can you do a hotspot for me?"

"Could you just check over my storyboard before I start building."

"What's the best way to do this?"

They are to us!

While you're developing your course you might find that you need a bit of help or just want to ask a tough question. Consider buying a block of mentoring time.

All of our mentoring support is designed for teaching, so we don't just fix your accordion, we'll explain why it isn't working, and make sure you can do the next one yourself.


Want some tips from the pros? Sure you do.

Launching your first couple of courses can be scary. We want you confident about ‘going live' so we offer a review service where we'll look over your course and give you a comprehensive report.

The review covers:

  • Technical
  • Instructional
  • Systemic
  • Documentation

Many of our clients use Course Review as a final Quality Assurance step just to check that all is well and things are right to go.

This can also be purchased with an optional teleconference to go through the results.


Well, after all that wouldn't you like some recognition?

Our Certified Developer program asks you to provide us with evidence that you've developed and deployed your course to best industry standards.

This isn't as hard as it sounds – if you've created your course in accordance with the guidelines in Creating Effective eLearning you'll have all the evidence you need to be recognised by Canopi as a Certified Developer.

If you're a manager and want your staff to develop courses to industry best practice, then this program is a great option. You'll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your eLearning solution has the very best chance to deliver real and effective results.


Ready to begin your journey to become a course guru?

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