An LMS adds value when 
skilled people own and operate it.

An LMS adds value when skilled people own and operate it.

Canopi's self-service model means our clients can confidently own and operate their system.

Our range of training options provides all the support and mentoring you'll need.


Content Development - Our systems are so good clients can build and edit their own content.

If you'd like to develop your own courses or exams, then Canopi has a full suite of training options to take you from Newbie to a Level 1 Developer. Follow our self-paced online tutorials and go all the way through to becoming a certified developer.

Alternatively, if your organisation prefers face-to-face workshops, then we can deliver those as well.


Mentoring - Don’t stay stuck. We’re here to help.

It'll happen. You'll hit a wall, or just attempt something beyond your skills.

The answer? A block or two of mentoring time. Use them on further training or just to flick us a quick job to get that really polished finish.


Administration - Why invest in a system unless all of your staff can get the best out of it?

We want you to succeed so every person needs to be able to get the most out of the platform. This goes double for the administrators. Our range of training and certifications will help your staff get there.

We have a range of training and certifications to ensure that all of your staff have the skills to succeed.


Procedures - Bullet point training

People don’t always log into the system each day so their skills can drop off over time.

We'll help you develop Standard Operating Procedures for all major tasks. Stick them on the wall or hard drive.

Call it bullet point training or SOPs: it’s powerful, efficient and, too often, overlooked.

Training will help you reach your course creation goals fast.

So, if you’re looking to get started sooner rather than later, then

drop us an email or call us on +61 2 6654 4781.