Our resource steps will support you as you learn the skills and processes to get the most out of the system.

If you can do more in the system at a high level of competency then you’ll be

faster, more efficient, less frustrated and happier to engage with the system.

Getting Started

An online course that takes you through the first steps of building and publishing your first course.

Creating Effective eLearning

Easy to learn, difficult to master. That’s the eLearning story. Well, we've taken our 20 years of experience and put it in a course.
If you really want to master eLearning and learn how to scope, design and deploy like a pro then this online course is for you.


Need a quick hand with something? Then why not buy a block of mentoring time?
We often find our clients would like us to trick up a nice hotspot or other interaction that’s just a bit beyond their skills.
In response to this, we’ve created a mentoring product where you can buy a small bit of time and have us look over some of your work or simply do it for you.


Want to ask a question? Then login to this website and post it to the forum. If you’re working late and just want to get a question out there then post it on the forum. Manned by our staff and other practitioners you’ll get an answer pronto.


We've got some big ideas, so we’ve started publishing them to our blog. If you need a quiet read to get your head in the right space then take a look at www.canopi.com.au/blog


Want your or your staff’s skills validated and acknowledged? Consider our certification program.
We think a mature eLearning system needs to have the right people using it.
Our training and certification program makes sure that everyone can get the most out of the system.

Artist in Residence program

To build quality courses we find it’s best to find a nice quiet place where we can focus.
That’s just one of the many reasons why we run the business out the back of Coffs Harbour. If you’d like to enter the Canopi world and build your course from our office then contact support@canopi.com.au and ask about working from here.

Other Resources


Get all of the stakeholders up to speed so that they get the most out of our amazing system.

If you need to get up to speed in a hurry, or prefer a face-to-face approach, then you can either come to Coffs Harbour or we can come to you.

To discuss your training requirements give us a call on +61 2 6654 4781.


If you're a hosted client then our support line is available for you. Just email support@canopi.com.au and we'll be there to help.


Most help desk calls are technical issues and not academic queries so running your own help desk is not core business. If you'd like Canopi to run your learner help desk then give us a call to discuss. We can provide that first tier of support and then escalate jobs back to you if they need subject expertise.

To have us run your helpdesk call +61 2 6654 4781 to discuss.

User Group meeting

Canopi hosts user group meetings for our clients three times a year where we get to share ideas and best practice.

To become part of our growing community of users call us on +61 2 6654 4781.


Most of our process starts with everyone writing down their dreams.

We've created a range of documents to help get your vision down on paper so that we can start some initial discussions.

To start making it all real get our free templates at http://canopi.com.au/Resources/Documents.

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drop us an email or call us on +61 2 6654 4781.