Sports Administration jobs set to grow!

Dec 08 2016

A recent report from a leading industry research company flags that sports administration jobs are set to grow.

Nathan Cloutman, from IBISWorld: “Sports Administrative Services will be another growth area (with revenue growing at an annualised 4.3% over the next five years), and while not nearly as glamorous as the professional sports star dream some school leavers may have, it’s a more secure career path for most. The expansion activities of major sports leagues in Australia are driving further participation at the local level, boosting industry revenue generated through competition fees.”

IBISWorld predict an annual growth rate of 4.7% through to 2022. When combined with a predicted jobs growth for Online Shopping staff of 7.5%, this places the Australian NSO’s in a great position to provide online products and services in the sports sector.

The question this raises for the industry is how do we train and retain this number of staff?

The sports sector has a high staff turn-over rate, especially with volunteers at the club level. Skills and recognition play a huge part in retaining members, but we must also look at what sort of experience we’re giving these people.

1. Do they enjoy being part of our sport?

2. Will they want to come back next year?

3. Did we give them the skills so that they felt they could do a good job?


In sports we so often get run down about declining participation but with a new report out from Government due shortly around junior participation, and these figures from IBIS IO think we can look to the future with some optimism.

The full report can be purchased here: