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Last Post 12 Jan 2021 10:49 AM by Canopi Test User
SCORM - Articulate Storyline - Resize the 'resume' box when returning to a course
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Canopi Test User

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12 Jan 2021 10:49 AM

    I'd like to preface this forum post, by stating that I am in no way an expert at CSS, the changes mentioned below worked for me, they are not perfect and can still be improved upon. However, it doesn't look too bad and fixes the problems we were experiencing.


    One of the problems we were having, was where learners on smaller desktop displays were unable to see the 'Yes' and 'No' buttons on the resume window (See below).



    To fix this issue, we performed the following steps:


    1. Extract the SCORM course contents from the .zip folder
    2. Go to html5 > lib > stylesheets > desktop.min.css
    3. Go to approxiamtely line 4040
    4. Add the following changes:

      1. The most important change is the 'overflow: visible !important;', this makes sure the buttons are not hidden as the screen size gets smaller
      2. The rest of the changes are largely optional, they are used to help style the look and feel
      3. The "Would you like to resume where you left off?" is an SVG, and not a simple

        tag, making it more difficult to change.

    5. Save your changes
    6. Select all the extracted files and create a new .zip folder

    7. With the new .zip folder, upload to whatever system is hosting your SCORM course
    8. The issue should now be resolved, and you should see a resume box like this:


    These simple changes should at the very least, stop the buttons being hidden on smaller screens. It probably needs a bit more work, there seems to be a lot of room for improvement, but as a quick fix, this definitely does the job.

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