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Last Post 04 Aug 2015 01:00 PM by  Michael Charbonneau
Reflection tiles
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Natalie O'Donnell
New Member
New Member

14 Jul 2015 02:31 PM
    Could someone please tell me if it is possible to use bullet points on reflection tiles?

    No matter what I do the text appears in one clump in the middle of the box. I cannot format the text at all.

    Ideally I would like a list of about 5 questions to appear with bullet points.
    Michael Charbonneau
    New Member
    New Member

    04 Aug 2015 01:00 PM
    Hi Natalie,

    Unfortunately you are unable to use the <ul> or <li> code to create bullet lists on flip tiles as these are used to make multi-choice flip tiles. However there is HTML code that allows you to create the effect of a unordered list. On your flip tile paste the following code;

    • List item 1<br/>
    • List item 2<br/>

    Copy that code for as many list items as you would like to add

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