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Janison Enrolment imports
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08 Aug 2021 02:46 PM

    The Janison CLS has sever user import tools

    1. Version 1 of the Enrolment Import by spreadsheet
    2. Version 2 of the Enrolment Import by Spreadsheet
    3. An enrolment API enrolment to create or modify enrolments

    This post focuses on Version 1 of the import tool as it allows for the ability to update progress records as well as the catalogue item enrolment.


    Basic Import

    To import an enrolment you:

    1. Download the templete from the Manage Learning > Enrolments > Import Enrolments screen.
    2. Enter in the OwnerId, User Id, and Enrolment Status, for example (these are case sensative), LCI-1, NotAttempted
    3. Import the spreadsheet, and there you have it

    Re-running the import again

    If you import that again it will create a second enrolment in the Catalogue Item, unless you select 'Overwrite existing enrolments' when you import the sheet. If you select 'overwrite existing Enrolment' is will modify the most recent enrolment by Created Date. However if you specific the enrolment GUID in the import it will not create a new enrolment even if you don't specificy the tick box to say 'Overwrite Existing Enrolment. to be clear, if you have an enrolment GUID in your spreadsheet it will not create an new enrolment and will also fail if the GUID does not match an existing enrolment.


    Change of status

    Here are some things we've noticed with changing the status of an enrolment.

    1. If you change the status of the LCI from NatAttempted to Incomplete the status of the learnign assets stays the same
    2. If you change the ststus of the LCI to Complete (new or existing enrolment) then all of the assets within that LCI will also be marked as complete. PS, you mkust provide a completed date
    3. If you set all of the assets to completed the LCI will complete as well


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