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ADD a SCORM Course to Moodle
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21 Sep 2020 01:57 PM



    1. Administrator access to your Moodle platform.
    2. The SCORM file or SCORM Dispatch file you wish to upload.
    3. Any Organisation settings or preferences.


    Creating your Course


    1. Login to your moodle platform.
    2. Select 'Site Adminsitration' from the left hand menu.
    3. Select 'Courses > Add a New Course'.
    4. Provide the general course information as required.
    5. Under 'Course Format' the options for 'Topics Format' is most commonly used, once selected choose the number of topics, usually one for each SCORM object in the course.
    6. Scroll to the bottom and select 'Save and Display'.

    Adding your SCORM Objects

    1. When you're in your course select 'Turn Editing On' from the top right of the screen.
    2. Find your first Topic and select 'Add an Activity or Resource' from the right of the screen.
    3. Select 'SCORM Package' from the list of options.
    4. Provide the Name and Details of your activity.
    5. Add the SCORM package by selecting 'Files' or by dragging and dropping it into the SCORM Box.
    6. Select the options you want for your SCORM package. Most of these should be determined by your organisation so that every SCORM course operated in the same way.
    7. The most common settings to consider are:
      1. SCORM Object > Apperance 
        Eitehr a new window or the same window. I prefer learning to launch in the same window, but if you choose this you have to make sure your SCORM course has a 'Return to LMS' link.
      2. SCORM Object > Compatability settings > Course Overide
        This is important because if your SCORM course is graded (e.g. 7/10) and you don't this lock this, then a person can retry the course and go for a higher grade. This might be desirable behaviour, but it has to be considered in your eLearning design.

        A link to the full set of options can be found at:
    8. Select 'Save and Return to Course' at the bottom of the page.



    You are not authorized to post a reply.