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Last Post 28 Apr 2017 03:25 PM by Matt Pleysier
Import Learning History
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Matt Pleysier
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28 Apr 2017 03:25 PM

    To import learners previous learning history, it is possible to use the spreadsheet template to upload the data. You may experience unexpected results though, so please be sure this is the best way to acheive your goal BEFORE you start.


    To use the feature to upload a NEW enrolment:

    1. Navigate to "Manage Learning"  then  "Enrolments" then select "Import Learning History"
    2. Select the "Template" link to download the spreadsheet import template. 
    3. This spreadsheet has 2 pages, the first is what is imported and the second "Supported Attributes" has the supported feilds, if the feild is required, and a description for the the feild. 
    4. What we have found most useful when creating a new enrolment is to have the mandatory feilds only and a comment to identify how and why the enrolment was created.
    5.  The Owner ID is the Catalogue Item Identifier, the User ID is the username of an existing learner in the system and the lesson status needs to be set as per the rules on the Supported Attributes page. It's good practice to populate the Comments field with something meaningful and a date the action was performed.
    6. If you are creating a new enrolment this is enough information. however, if you want to import this as a completed enrolment or another status, you may need to include the created and or completed dates as well depending on your business requirements.
    7. When you have completed each of the feilds and saved your spreadsheet, return to your portal and select "Select file" to choose your spreadsheet to upload. Leave the "Allow custom attribute list item creation" and "Overwrite existing enrolments" unticked and select "Import and email result"
    8. When the import completes, if it fails you will be advised as to why. Correct this and reupload if needed.
    9. Spot check the learners enrolments to see that they imported as expected and give yourself a pat on the back.


    To use the feature to update an EXISTING enrolment:

    1. DON'T
    2. If you have to, ALWAYS take an export of the learners existing enrolments including all data for it, not just what you are changing.
    3. Follow steps 1-6 and set the status you wish to change to.
    4. If you are trying to target a specific enrolment against a learner, we have found that it seems to be reliant on matching each of the Owner ID, Username, created date and completed date in order to change the status to something else.
    5. Check your details about 5 times while saving the sheet and panicing.
    6. Still don't tick the "Allow custom attribute list item creation" and "Overwrite existing enrolments" unticked and select "Import and email result" boxes and import your sheet.
    7. Look at the learners enrolments and see how much information has changed in a way you didn't expect. 
    8. cry


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