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Last Post 11 Nov 2014 02:16 AM by  andrew matthews
Question re process for Level 2 Athletics Australia
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andrew matthews
New Member
New Member

09 Nov 2014 07:45 PM
    Hi Guys,

    Just wanting to confirm that the following can be done within the system for our level 2 structure. This is detailed and fairly specific and I hope it is in the correct place.

    The learning for level 2 includes

    1. E learning
    2. Practical at athletics meets including attendance at a seminar
    3. Once they finish these components they can have access to the final exam.

    Can the user therefore do the following? Can the system handle this i guess is what i am really asking;

    1. Once the official finishes Level 1 prerequisites, they will enrol on the eLearning system course for level 2. (level 1 are online courses through the Janison platform)
    2. The administrator will confirm they have achieved level 1 and will approve their access to the level 2 course.
    3. The official can then start there level 2 e learning. The official can do the eLearning concurrently with their practical.
    4. Once the official completes their practical and seminar, they can upload there practical card to the eLearning system. Question- can this be done via either uploading a photo of their practical card or typing in their information into a pre-defined format?
    5. Once they have completed the e learning and uploaded there practical the administrator will get an email saying they have done this.
    6. The administrator confirms that the practical and e learning and grants them access to the online exam.
    7. The user get an email saying they have access to the exam.
    8. Once the exam is complete and submitted, it is sent for marking.

    Does this make sense, will it work?


    Andrew Matthews
    Athletics Australia
    Dylan Atkinson
    New Member
    New Member

    10 Nov 2014 09:00 PM
    Hi Andrew,

    This one is a bit tricky to explain, but I’ll do my best to walk you through the simplest solution.

    Firstly, let’s start with the ‘Level 2’ structure for your eLearning course:
    i. eLearning component – Course in the ‘Level 2’ catalogue item
    ii. Practical/seminar – 2 ‘Other Learning’ options depending on the involvement of your organisation.

    a. If your organisation is running these practicals/seminars – The Janison CLS has the ability to add a session component, allowing learners to sign up for practicals/seminars and their attendance marked off by an assessor on the day.
    b. If your organisation is NOT running these practicals/seminars – Add a verification component, allowing learners to upload documents to verify their attendance for the practicals/seminars.

    iii. Final exam – Completing the above will allow learners access to final exam.

    As you can see the Janison CLS can manage a variety of eLearning and practical components. I’ll explain the process for your scenario below:
    1. ‘Level 1’ catalogue item is completed, learners enrol in the ‘Level 2’ catalogue item. The functionality for pre-requisites at the catalogue item level is not yet available, we plan to have this functionality in the future. The ‘Administrator Approval’ is currently the most effective method for this process.
    2. Administrator receives email notifying them to approve the learner’s enrolment.
    3. The learner starts the online course while concurrently verifying their attendance by uploading the required documents.
    4. In this scenario, we can use the assignment tool as a verification component, learner uploads documents to be verified/marked by administrator.
    5. An email will be sent out when the administrator has marked the verification submission notifying the learner of the completion of this component.
    6. Only when the eLearning AND practicals/seminars have been completed, the Janison CLS will automatically unlock the Final Exam. It is recommended instructions for the pre-requisite layout are in the ‘Overview and Instructions’ tab.
    7. The learner completes final exam and submits for marking.
    andrew matthews
    New Member
    New Member

    11 Nov 2014 02:16 AM
    Thank you very much Dylan. Thanks for that response.
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