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Last Post 12 Jan 2015 08:40 PM by  Michael
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andrew matthews
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New Member

17 Dec 2014 04:50 PM

    is there any documentation around that indicates the best way to develop a certificate?

    what is the format required etc?

    I can find anything in the help section.

    Many thanks
    New Member
    New Member

    12 Jan 2015 08:40 PM
    Hey Andrew,

    The certificates are in a PDF format and use forms to pull information from the database onto the certificate.

    You will need Adobe Acrobat, MS Word and an image editing program to create certificates.

    The basic steps of creating a certificate are;

    1. Choose your artwork and create an A4 sized image.
    2. Copy this image into MS Word, and set the layout option to 'behind text', now drag your image into the top left of the page so that it is flush with the corner and drag it to the full size of the document, save the document.
    3. Now select 'print' from the file menu and under 'printer' select Adobe PDF and then the print button, this will bring up a save dialogue box.
    4. Now you can open your newly create PDF, and from the tools menu in the top right, select forms and then edit. Click no to the pop-up box.
    5. Click add fields from the menu on the right, and add a new text field. A blue rectangle will appear on the screen, this is your field. Click anywhere to add the field, it can be moved around once it is completed. A yellow box will appear click the blue text 'all properties' in the bottom right of the box.
    6. Now it is time to add the field you would like, the main fields we use are FullName, DateOfCompletion and CertificateNumber. I will provide a full list of these fields after these instructions.
    7. Enter the fields name into both the name and tooltip field once you have done this click 'close' you can move your field to where you want it on the certificate. once it is in place right click it and select properties and lock the field by clicking the locked button in the bottom left of the box.
    8. Once all fields have been added save your certificate.
    9. Inside of your catalouge item there is an option called 'has certificate' turn this on and upload your certificate.
    10. Thats it!

    Here is the list of fields for certificates, please note that they must be spelt exactly the same as they are here and they are case sensitive.

    GivenName Surname FullName NameOfCourse DateOfCompletion DateOfBirth StudentNumber OrgUnit Organisation CourseCompletedDate CourseCompletedYear CourseCompletedMonth CourseCompletedDay CertificateNumber

    Hopefully this should help you set up certificates

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