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0 Replies and 140 Views Configure LTi Provider for Janison and Moodle    140  0 Started by  Greg McLoughlin-Wilden Step 1 – The Provider (Janison) sends details to the Consumer The LTi Provider sends the connection details to the consumer. Substitute ‘’ with the Provider URL Tool URL: Public Keyset: Initiate Login URL: Redirection URL: Step 2 – Setup LTi Consumer (Moodle) Exter...
0 140
25 Nov 2020 01:03 PM
0 Replies and 51 Views SCORM - Articulate Storyline - Resize the 'resume' box when returning to a course  51  0 Started by  Dylan Atkinson I'd like to preface this forum post, by stating that I am in no way an expert at CSS, the changes mentioned below worked for me, they are not perfect and can still be improved upon. However, it doesn't look too bad and fixes the problems we were experiencing.   One of the problems we were having, was where learners on smaller desktop displays were unable to see the 'Yes' and 'No' buttons on the resume window (See below).     To fix this issue, we performed the following steps:...
0 51
12 Jan 2021 10:49 AM
0 Replies and 3153 Views Setting up Google Tag Manager on Janison CLS  3153  0 Started by  Greg McLoughlin-Wilden Google Analytics provides amazing insights into your learning data, and in conjunction with Google Tag Manager you can get even more insights in the activity on your learning portal. Since release 1821.2 (October 2018) the excellent people at Janison have provided very easy to setup, full integration for Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager in the CLS product.   What you'll need to start A Google Analytics tracking number like UA-12345678-1 A Google Tag Manager tracking code ...
0 3153
03 Nov 2018 04:13 PM
0 Replies and 2876 Views Janison CLS - Catalogue Access Rules  2876  0 Started by  Dylan Atkinson Janison CLS - Catalogue Access Rules NOTE - This guide makes the following assumptions: You will need to be at least a 'Tenant Administrator' to access these settings in the CLS. You already know how to create a tag on the CLS You understand how to apply filters on the CLS What problem does this solve Catalogue Access Rules allow a CLS Administrator to control who can enrol into specific catalogue items. This is often most useful when a certain catalogue item should only be available ...
0 2876
13 Feb 2018 06:48 PM
0 Replies and 3328 Views Janison CLS: Exporting Exam test questions Hack  3328  0 Started by  Greg McLoughlin-Wilden Exporting Exams questions So you've always wanted to dump last years questions out of our LMS and get them into a spreadsheet so that you can review them for next year. Sadly many LMS's just don't have a 'Export now' function, especially if they are high stakes exam. So here is a hack to get the Janison CLS test questions and distractors into a spreadsheet.  And when I say Hack, I don't mean it's insecure (it is), what I mean is that you have to do a bit of hard work. So there are fo...
0 3328
04 Feb 2018 11:26 AM
0 Replies and 3478 Views Import Learning History  3478  0 Started by  Deleted User To import learners previous learning history, it is possible to use the spreadsheet template to upload the data. You may experience unexpected results though, so please be sure this is the best way to acheive your goal BEFORE you start.   To use the feature to upload a NEW enrolment: Navigate to 'Manage Learning'  then  'Enrolments' then select 'Import Learning History' Select the 'Template' link to download the spreadsheet import template.  This spreadsheet has 2 pages, the firs...
0 3478
28 Apr 2017 03:25 PM
0 Replies and 3740 Views Cool Post it Notes  3740  0 Started by  Greg McLoughlin-Wilden Adding a cool Post it Note There are four parts to this; The HTML that goes on your page The CSS to draw the Post it Note (can go in your page or the global template The JQuery to make it draggable (optional The Linked font (optional) Items 2 - 4 can go in either the content template or the Global template. If you you put it on your local page template then you need to change the editing mode to IDE (which you can't undo) otherwise the Javascript gets ripped out every time yo...
0 3740
25 Apr 2017 12:27 PM
0 Replies and 3431 Views Setting up new Payment Gateways  3431  0 Started by  Dylan Atkinson The need for Payment Gateways If you're setting up a new portal, one of the most common requirements is the ability to accept payments. This requires the configuration of a payment gateway - A payment gateway provides secure processing of online transactions, into your business banking account.  The Janison CLS already makes it really easy to connect to many of the popular payment gateways (i.e. PayPal, Comm Web, PayWay), and most of these gateways all require similar details and proc...
0 3431
13 Apr 2017 01:08 PM
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