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Last Post 03 Apr 2017 02:52 PM by Greg McLoughlin-Wilden
Create a New Portal
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Greg McLoughlin-Wilden
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03 Apr 2017 02:52 PM

    To create a new DNN portal:


    1. Login as a Host account
    2. Select 'Site Management' from the 'Host' menu
    3. Select 'Add new Site' from the bottom of the screen
    4. Select 'Parent' as the Site Type
    5. Select 'yoursubdomain.canopi.com.au' as the Site Alias
      Later on you can give sites their own URL like http://www.yoursubdomain.com but for now this will create the site as http://yoursubdomain.canopi.com.au
    6. Fill in the Title, Description and Keywords sections.
    7. Select a 'Template' for example 'REITAS'
    8. Turn off 'Use Current User as admin' and create an admin user
      Note: All host accounts can login to portals as an admin
    9. Select 'Create Site'

    Ta Da, you now have a new DNN portal.



    1. You must have a DNN host account to do this function
    2. All DNN host accounts can login to all portals as an admin
    3. A site template brings across pages, module and content from an existing site
    4. To create a 'Site template' visit this QRG